The Show

The Show is a six-episode mockumentary about a low-budget theater production, where a washed-up playwright prepares to make his comeback, unpredictable actors try to make sense of a terrible script, and a director and stage manager attempt to wrangle them all together for opening night.

Written and Directed by Montgomery Mauro

Director of Photography: Mackenzie G. Mauro ​

Starring: Montgomery Mauro, Jessica Damouni, Catherine Beckett, Joseph Talluto, Nicholas A Smithson, Leah Pressman, Jimmy Meeg, Frank Lipari, Sarah Smallwood Parsons, Austin Cantrell, Alec Lawless .​ 

Naima's birthday goes sour when she gets a surprise visit from her ex, Becca, a meeting that was orchestrated by Ella, her sister.


Shot and Directed by Montgomery Mauro

Story by Madeline Johnson

Starring: Tricia Alexandro, Maayan Avital, Carmen Nikae

Originally created for The Barrow Group 48 Hour Film Festival

Old Flames
Clare the Cleaner

Kristina and Leah confront their cleaning lady, Clare, after she gets caught stealing. 

Written and Directed by Montgomery Mauro

Cinematography Kenneth Morton

Starring: Leah Serinsky, Kristina Latour, Clare Cioffero

Originally created for The Barrow Group 48 hour Film Festival - Second Place